Stages of Drug Dependence Treatment

There are three stages of drug dependence treatment.

  1. Detoxification
  2. Relapse Presentation
  3. Rehabilitation

Every life science provides various treatments process for detoxification or management of withdrawal symptoms. Mainly these are three.

(I) Agonist therapy
(II) Antagonist therapy
(III) Sedative therapy.


In Agonist therapy and Sedative therapy alternative intoxicating agent is prescribed. So withdrawal symptoms appear less severely. But patient switch over to another substance and gradually detoxify.
In Antagonist therapy receptor blocking agent is used with Anesthesia & strong hypnotic agent , Antagonist therapy blocks neurotransmitters and receptors in brain so desired effect of intoxicating agent not appear and an addict get rid off drugs But this therapy have high mortality rate.
For second stage of treatment which is relapse prevention requires training, controlled environment regular or occasional antagonist treatment and use of mood stabilizes. Rehabilitation requires long term behavioral training in close observation. It can perform by Therapeutic community.

Mode of Action of Our Treatment Program: Mode

Psychological Dependence appears with minimum physical withdrawal and less severe. Alcohol, Tannin, Caffeine, nicotine, Cannabis, Cocaine, Hallucinogens, Solvent Dependence is usually Psychological Dependence .Patient feel minimum physical symptoms. Due to strong Psychological Symptoms patient cannot discontinue the drug. Mode of Psychological Dependence requires few days’ medicine, Psychotherapy and behavioral therapy.

Our Treatment Modalities: